Currently, Fahed is a PhD student and teaching assistant in the Computer Science department at Malmö University in Sweden. Fahed is a member of the Internet of Things and People research centre (IoTaP). He is supervised by Prof. Romina Spalazzese and co-supervised by Prof. Paul Davidsson. The research of Fahed is mainly focusFahed1ed on Emergent Configurations of Connected System within the IoT in addition to strongly correlated domains such as Software Engineering and Self-adaptive Systems.

Fahed has professional experience of more than seven years working in software development, and research project in local and international organisations such as Trento University in Italy, the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), The Tetra Tech (International US-based company), GVC Italia (INGO) and Freightos (International startup).  Crossing his professional career, Fahed has led the development of several integrated large scale applications involving stakeholders with variable perspectives. Moreover, he has developed his leadership, analytical and technical skills through building monitoring metrics and derive actions to raise the quality bar. In addition, he has also proven his skills of self-awareness, self-confident, public relations, communication skills, teamwork spirit, leadership style, and multicultural diversity as well as multinational community.

Fahed Holds a master degree in Computer Sciences from Trento University (Italy) with excellent GPA (105/110), and a Bachelor degree, from the Arab American University, in the field of Computer Information Technology with a very good GPA (3.62/4.0).

Contact address:  fahed.alkhabbas[at]mah[dot]se